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Address: An der Düpenau 12
22869 Schenefeld
Cell phone: +491717714292

Curriculum Vitae

Date and place of Birth: 3/18/1989 in Kiel
Nationality: German
Civil Status: Married, 2 children
since June 2014 PhD Student, Universität Hamburg.
Fundamental research in the field of ultracold atoms and single atom imaging. Experimental work employing laser systems, imaging optics and vacuum systems.
April 2012-May 2014 Master of Science in Physics, Universität Hamburg.
Studies of the physics of lasers, ion traps and accelerators.
April 2009-March 2012 Bachelor of Science in Physics, Universität Hamburg.
Degree finished with outstanding marks.
July 2008-March 2009 Military service
June 2008 A-Level
1999-2008 "Thor-Heyerdahl-Gymnasium" grammar school, Kiel
1995-1999 "Schule am Heidenberger Teich" elementary school, Kiel
Master thesis
A Linear Paul Trap for Ytterbium Ions
H. Moritz
In this master thesis a setup for experiments with trapped ytterbium ions was designed and realized. As ion trap design, a linear Paul trap was used.
During the design process, the setup was optimized for making a broad spectrum of different types of experiments possible. This included optimization with respect to trapping frequencies, optical access and the vacuum system. Additionally, possible extensions had to be taken into account. The setup consists of a linear Paul trap, an ultra high vacuum system, a system used for providing the radio frequency, three laser systems and an optical imaging system used for ion detection.
You may download the Thesis.
Bachelor thesis
A Highly Stable Optical Resonator for Frequency Stabilization of a Diode Laser in the Ultraviolet Spectral Range
H. Moritz and N. Strohmaier
A system for optimizing the spectral features of an ultraviolet external cavity diode laser has been designed, built and characterized. It is to be used in an experiment with trapped ions aiming for the realization of logic gates in quantum information processing.
You may download the Thesis or the Poster with simple explanations.
since June 2014
Research Associate, Universität Hamburg.
Tutor, Universität Hamburg.
Correcting homework and giving classes in physics and mathematics for university students.
Trainee, Caterpillar Motoren GmbH&Co. KG, Kiel.
Two weeks in the material requirements planning department.
Trainee, Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH, Kiel.
Languages native German speaker; fluent English; adequate spoken French
Computer I have many years of experience and knowledge of administrative operations in
- all Microsoft Windows®-operating systems.
- Linux (openSUSE, Ubuntu).

I have worked with the following scientific and technical software products:
- Mathematica
- CATIA (Computer-Aided Design)
- LabView
- Origin

I have experience in software developement with Java and Pascal. I attended a university course on object-orientated programming.

Of course, I am able to handle all common office packages. For typesetting, I prefer to use the typesetting system LaTeX.
Driving license   
class B since 2006
Sailing international certificate for operating sea-going pleasure boats "Sportküstenschifferschein"
Gliding private pilot license for gilders

I started flying sailplanes (unpowered aircrafts) in 2011. Since March 2014, I am chairman of the gliding club Akademische Fliegergruppe Hamburg e.V.
Occasionally, I go sailing on the Baltic Sea. I posses an international certificate for operating  sea-going pleasure boats and have made several trips lasting up to two weeks.
I am an active member of the jDPG, the students organization of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft. In 2013, I organized a one-week excursion of german physics students to Hamburg, see jDPG Sommerexkursion 2013.

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